edgarhauster (edgarhauster) wrote in gr_czernowitz,

Romanian Memorial inside of the Jewish Cemetery Czernowitz

Hi hardy3, hi resnovit! An immediate answer to your request. The inscription reads as follows:

Here are buried 400 martyrs of our nation, murdered by NKVD in 1941
and 695 Romanian soldiers, killed in action during World War II.
Golgota Society 2006.

Sponsors: Constantin Chițan - Director BUCRECONSTRUCȚIA, Albert Bivolariu - Medic, Bogdan Grior - Jurist, Ion Broască - Medic.

Based on my Bucovina 2009 research, the above mentioned murder is n o t identical with the Fântâna Albă [Bila Krynytsya] Massacre. Read the full story (in German language) at http://hauster.blogspot.com/. More about this massacre, Ukrainian readers may learn from the following book of an Ukrainian journalist [Translation required].

Tags: book, cemetery, history, memorial tablet
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