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Новая книга: Czernowitz at 100

Czernowitz at 100: the First Yiddish Language Conference in Historical Perspective
(Edited by Kalman Weiser and Joshua Fogel). Lexington Books, 2010. 168 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-0739140697 (paper), 978-0739140710 (electronic)

Czernowitz at 100 represents a collection based on the proceedings of a 2008 international conference convened at York University in Toronto. Each chapter looks back at a portion over a long century, one marked with the mass migration of Ashkenazi Jews across the globe, two world wars, the Holocaust, the birth of Israel, and the rise and fall of the Soviet bloc. They assess the achievements and fate of those who participated in the 1908 Yiddish Language Conference that was held at Czernowitz, now known as Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Featuring contributions from a new generation of scholars re-examining Eastern European Jewish life, the successes and failures of the Yiddishist movement are examined. The contributors discuss how Yiddishism - fascinating example of language-based nationalism - shaped the political and cultural landscape of territorially dispersed Jews across Eastern Europe and the world during the twentieth century.

Contributors include:

Zachary Baker (Stanford University)
Phillip Hollander (University of Wisconsin)
Ezra Mendelsohn (Hebrew University)
David Birnbaum (Solomon and Nathan Birnbaum Archives, Toronto),
Marc Caplan (Johns Hopkins)
Marie Brunhes (Universit de Lille III)
Jess Olson (Yeshiva University)
Linda Lipsky (York University)
Rakhmiel Peltz (Drexel University)
Rebecca Margolis (University of Ottawa)
Matthew Hoffman (Franklin and Marshall College)
Kalman Weiser (York University).

Publisher's site:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0739140698/
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