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A history of settlements in Bukovina

Found in "bukovina-gen".

There are a series of articles on the history of settlements in Bukovyna (Povestea aşezărilor bucovinene) published in Monitorul de Suceava (a Romanian multimedia news company), written by Ion Drăguşanul. The series briefly chronicles the settlement of 400+ towns and villages located in Bukovyna (North and South), some dating back to the 15th century. Mr. Drăguşanul has also published and edited several articles and books of ethnohistorical interest on Bukovyna.

The link is:
Clicking on the name of the town/village will link you to the respective article.

All of the articles are written in Romanian. Although web-based translation software isn’t always on the mark, one can usually get the gist of what is written.

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